If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

For today's edition of "What random car is SM70 driving now?"

I’ve been running around in this a bit. Tomorrow there’s a good chance I’ll be taking it up Mt. Evans. AMA about it or just throw the usual insults.

Before you judge too much, you should know that the owner is a real car gal. Her car history includes a ‘55 Mercedes 190SL, a Morris Minor, a ‘68 Plymouth Barracuda convertible, and a ‘76 El Dorado convertible which used to belong to a fire chief and still had the siren. Lots more stuff besides, including an unspecified old Fiat and a 60's Mercedes sedan. This X6 replaced her Range Rover, but itself is going to be on the way out the door this year to make way for a Model X.


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