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For today's edition of "What random car is SM70 driving now?"

Illustration for article titled For todays edition of What random car is SM70 driving now?

I’ve been running around in this a bit. Tomorrow there’s a good chance I’ll be taking it up Mt. Evans. AMA about it or just throw the usual insults.


Before you judge too much, you should know that the owner is a real car gal. Her car history includes a ‘55 Mercedes 190SL, a Morris Minor, a ‘68 Plymouth Barracuda convertible, and a ‘76 El Dorado convertible which used to belong to a fire chief and still had the siren. Lots more stuff besides, including an unspecified old Fiat and a 60's Mercedes sedan. This X6 replaced her Range Rover, but itself is going to be on the way out the door this year to make way for a Model X.

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