I go and see the Rat National in the metal for the first time. I’ve seen pictures of the Rat National, the pictures posted here, but I haven’t yet seen it for myself.

The Rat National, of course, is the ‘87 Buick Grand National I can afford that has fallen, shall we say, on hard times. It’s been hit, it’s been outside, it’s been neglected. It’s in need of some parts, some attention, and some driving.


The main issue facing it, as you can see, is the side swipe damage on the passenger side. While largely cosmetic, the angle of the rear end is definitely not cosmetic. The seller said the impact ripped one of the trailing arms in half, but the chassis, axle, and their associated mounts are okay. It also needs a fender (which the seller has), a door (which are SHOCKINGLY pricey for a car they made so many of), and a quarter panel (which I’ve already found on Craigslist for $200, a fantastic deal).

So today I’ll give the car a look over, hear it run, and take better pictures to share with you guys. If it’s what it’s made out to be, I’ll buy it next week after my truck sells. If it isn’t (like if the frame or the axle are damaged), I’ll be really disappointed and go on my way. Here's to hoping it's as good as it looks in these pictures!