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In which episode of TG:UK did this happen?

EDIT - Top Gear s18e05 tribute to Saab! Thanks G_Body_man: soon to be carless!

OK, I’m looking for a specific episode of Top Gear, UK; maybe you guys can help out.


The scene I’m looking for: Jeremy and James are sitting in a car - nothing fancy, IIRC, more like a pretty basic, beige econobox. (Dacia Sandero? :P)

James starts explaining something technical about the car and stops, saying something like, “you don’t want to hear about that.” Jeremy replies to the effect of “Yes I do! Go ahead.” James starts explaining again, gets about a sentence in before Jeremy interrupts with “You’re right this bores my arse off.” and they both end up laughing.


If I have to watch the whole damn series again to find that I will but I figure you guys might know which scene I’m talking about.

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