I deleted the previous post regarding my exhaust woes pending finalization of the payment, but now that they have sent me money, here ya go, again.

^ this is how part of my exhaust looked after if got torn off and bent backwards by some roadworks

^ low car, plus big pipe equals...


yup, I tore their pipe when my exhaust was ripped out.


so mid-pipe replaced with left over HKS pipe. I had sold the axle back portion years ago because it was for a coupe, and I have a hatchback. Kept the rest because you never know, damn good thing I did! :D

so what do you do to connect a slip on axle back to a bolt on mid-pipe? I took the 3 bolt cat connection point from the slip on and made an “adapter plate”, as I called it, to sound fancy.


Now that my cheque is in, and the money has cleared I’ve been shopping, and it SUCKS!

The exhaust I had was very bachelor, it has zero muffling, just a pipe with a resonator. So I’ve been shopping for something quieter, but not fartier, and holy cow, there is a MILLION terrible exhaust videos for civics on youtube. while it is nice to get to hear them before buying them, there are SO MANY CRAPPY FARTING EXHAUSTS, so many. So much garbage cluttering my search. Apparently amazon/ebay/craigslist don’t let you search for “civic exhaust -fart -pfththththbbbb”