Rant herein. Move along if you are looking for droids, as these are not them.

So I've actually been waiting for a photo radar ticket to come in. Gleefully. So I could write this with some credibility. And lo and behold, I got a totally unexpected one in the mail today.

And all this is stemming from a conversation I had some time ago on the FP about the terrible and draconian evil that is getting a ticket and how hurr de hurr cash grab hate police it was only five over derp leavemealoneiamabovethelaw.


Here goes.

Got a ticket in the mail today.

Do I now hate the police?


Am I resentful and spewing a "let me tell you why this is bullshit" rant?


Am I an adult who recognizes that even being one (of whatever unit you use) over is justifiable to receive a ticket?



As an adult, am I also conscious of the fact that my decisions have consequences and it is incumbent upon me to fully accept the consequences of those actions without maligning the laws I contravened, or those vested with the authority to enforce those laws?

Double yup.

And am I the only one responsible for my plight?


And do I recognize that there are no "cash cows", but there sure are an abundance of really really stupid people who are boggled by the concept of the state's ability to tax stupid?


Oh you bet.

And finally, will I be more conscious of the speed limits as posted?

Considering I'm out a hundred bucks today, that will be a verified yes.

And on a positive note it's a pretty bitchin photo too. Well worth the photographer's fee.


Totally framing this one.

Such speed. Much ticket. Very photogenic. Wow.