Our post on regular Jalopnik about the Dartz Black Snake variant of the Pombron made Nick Denton curious. We gave it the headline "$1,000,000 Latvian Truck Comes With A Jewel-Encrusted Snake And (Fake) Whale Penis Leather" and he wanted to know why we didn't explain why it was Latvian.

It could have used more context, although a normal Jalopnik reader probably would have understood what it all meant. I believe we should write for the audience we want, not the audience we already have, and we didn't do that here. Fair point Nick.

Then he wanted to know why it was the Year of the Snake and suggested we have the conversation in Kinja. Game on.

Ask your questions and I'll do my best to explain what all this means because Dartz, like you, is a bizarre and contraversial Eastern European that's now a part of my life.