Hello boys and girls! Ike is putting together a couple of Oppo meets (one kinda crappy and one really big)


First the crappy one. Well 3 actually. First this Saturday I will be at Katie’s Cars and coffee, followed but the stuck in the 50s event at Marley station mall. If your there message me on Twitter or social media.

Second one. I think we should do a Mid Atlantic Oppo Crashes the 50s on Saturday the 30th at 5pm we show up in the parking lot next to the main show (seen here in red) and have Oppo get together! 5pm Marley station mall Glenn burnie MD

Now for the big meet! Next year August. We have a Oppo conquers the dragon! I will need a list of peoples “probably interested” so I can get room rates and all that.

- thoughts opionions ideas?