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In which we talk about the new Ghost Busters trailer.

I am on record as saying that the “trailer trailer” didn’t bode well however I am happy to report that the actual trailer is better.

That being said on a scale of “multiple IMAX viewings” to “skip it” my assesment has been upgraded only from “free redbox” to “paid redbox”.

It will have its moments, it will be worth seeing, but I don’t imagine spending theater money to see it.

Things that bug me:

“its not a squeal, its a reboot” says the director...so...the trailer starts off by telling us what happened 30 years ago in New York... what?!


Token loud urban black person™ - opportunity wasted and replaced with tired stereotypes...sigh.

Ecto-1. This one is minor but someone who respects the source material should know better than to just “blues brothers 2000" the props like that. If they had even left out the “1” it would have been better. if you want to “make the story their own” you can’t just rehash a main prop and be all “remember this?! yeah you remember...but its a new story!” Also there is slimmer, cause this is a new story!


Things I like:

The Ghosts look great

Kate McKinnon looks to be killing it

Kristin Wig looks like she also might be okay.

I know part of me is just holding it to a high standard...rose colored glasses and all that but,well,yeah; When you reboot a classic I think people have the right to have high standards.


My 2 cents.

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