I think he found the Suzuki’s problem...

I am still excited about the Wagovan’s first true overland road trip, but if I’m being honest things aren’t looking good for most of the convoy.

The Civic itself is in overall good condition. New... everything as of late, working AC, and it finally drives on the highway. However, it isn’t idling properly, which is worrying. I have some time set aside this evening to try and fix it.


Kate’s new-to-her Jeep is... pretty much unchanged from when she bought it. She did strap some new rubber on it (Pirelli Scorpion ATs... so pretty) including the spare, and apparently fixed the AC, but the steering box is still loose and the car mostly an unknown.

Brady’s Sidekick is... well dead. It is dead. It blew a head gasket a while back and while he’d planned to get it running for this trip, he found out too late that the head was cracked and he was unable to source another. He will be joining, but as a passenger.

Sadness. I really love seeing this car in action.

The Suzuki in better days.


Meanwhile, Taylor and his XTerra are driving up from Austin which is about a nine hour drive.

He’d planned on leaving late this evening, working from the road tomorrow, and then finishing the drive tomorrow night. Unfortunately Mother Nature has thrown a bit of a wrench into those plans.


As of right now he isn’t sure what he is going to do. That weather looks BAD and he would be taking a hell of a risk to drive though it. He could go out of his way to avoid it, but that would mean adding several hours to the drive...


Oh... and it is a full moon Friday.  Spiffy.

George and the Renegade, however, are fine just fine. So there is that.