Increase Rear Traction!!1!

Lately one of my hobbies has been computers and networking. And since I’m heavily restricted in the funds department, I posted on FB (to family and friends) that if they had old computer items, I’d love to take it off their hands, scavenge it for parts, then properly dispose of the leftovers. Someone really took me up on that.

A family member works at McDonalds. Apparently they are renovating and chucked 6 Panasonic POS computers into the garbage. She grabbed them for me.


I will say one thing, I could instantly feel the difference driving with this full load. I even had an hour trip back home with this increased load. I had to drive extra careful because it took longer to speed up and longer to slow down. I don’t envy semi truck drivers with their large trailers.


In the end, I got x6 hard drives (80 G, 250 G, and x4 160 G); x6 sticks of 2 GB DDR2 ram (all may not work though); and x6 screens with neither hdmi, vga, or dvi input. Overall, I’m happy with what I got, and I can definitely reuse the parts.

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