Please enjoy.

What did the angry bird say to the other bird? Duck off!

When most cars get in wrecks, they receive major damage, the airbags deploy, and they end up at insurance auctions. When Dodge Avengers get in wrecks, however, they say “I don’t feel so good” and start to disintegrate.

What is the top-selling car in Colorado? The Toyota Highlander!

If Tom Holland plays Spiderman, then why is Spiderman from New York City and not Amsterdam?

What did the tortilla say when it fell on the floor? Aww, wrap!

What’s the generic name for a dog on a sunny day? Nathan!

What do frat guys use for sandwiches? Brad!

Why was the Honda sign not working? It needed Accord!

How does an NRA member keep time? With a Glock!

What did the police officer tell the hypebeast? He needed to Polover!

What saddle does a rich bull wear? Moois Vuitton!

What do you call a quilt made from Juul pods? A vapestry!

What is Vineyard Vines? Six second videos of wine fields!

What did the angry boy from Michigan say when he was told to do something? Snow!

What do children learn in West Virginia? Methamatics!

I’ll definitely have more later.