I celebrated my first weekday of summer, by sleeping all the way until 8 am ... it was glorious. Then after breakfast, I got to work. I cleaned my gutters, cleaned some of my neighbor’s gutters, weed whacked, sprayed the perimeter of the house for insects, cleaned the garage and the shed out some, unclogged my bathtub drain, and fixed a leaky toilet flapper valve.

I also managed to fit 15 miles of scooter riding in there, and do some writing. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.


Tomorrow I’m going to my buddy’s house to pick up The Death Camper. We’ve decided to sell it. First we need to clean it out and take pictures of the inside not full of all of our stuff. We’ve been storing it at his house, but the camper is in my name, and I’m much better at actually selling things, so it’s coming back to my house until it’s sold (much to my wife’s chagrin).

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