I owe a special thanks to a certain oppo-gentleman Rico, on the east coast for this fine drink. I'm a couple swigs in. It is getting much better after each new swig, especially the warmth. I feel its also appropriate to be drinking my first whisky in my new home state of Tennessee (even tho its a Kentucky whiskey...shhhh). I have a job interview lined up for friday, so if all goes well ill be back into the swing of things! Which means more car parts and supermoto funds!

In total i put on 1300 miles on the prelude for the move. And at the very last hour of the very last day, she couldnt hold out any longer. She threw a CEL for a Cylinder 1 misfire.... Oh well, she did well and i couldnt have asked for a better car.

(Side note: i have a timelapse edited from North Va to memphis already complete. I just need some music to put in)

Except one thing. Sitting for extended hours in s2000 seats isnt as comfortable as i would have imagined. It was at that point i wished i had at least swapped out my drivers seat back to normal... BUT! In the end, i still dont regret the swap. Just that you gotta realize they arent road tripping seats.


And the other awesome thing about living in the south? I rode my motorcycle the other day. In the end of december! No longer does this snow substance wreak havoc upon my existence!

I wish all of you a happy new year!