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Indian Culture Questions

If any oppos are Indian or are familiar with Indian culture I have a question for you: is going to the movies in India a completely different atmosphere than in America?

Last night we went to Avengers Endgame and an Indian family sat next to us. They had 4 seats for 4 adults, a toddler, and an infant. The toddler was walking around quite a bit between the 4 of them and talking here and there, the adults themselves were talking every so often, the infant did what infants do, and they were also passing around the loudest plastic grocery bag full of food throughout the movie.


I have similar things happen before and most of the time it’s been an Indian family.

Is this just how movies are in India? Is it more of a family picnic atmosphere than a serious movie viewing one? I’m genuinely curious.


I go to the movie theater because I want to be immersed into the film, so the constant distractions dampened how much I enjoyed the movie.

Roxor for your time

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