Industrial Oppos - I call upon thee for help

I want to get power through my roof on the land cruiser and I need it to be disconnectable and waterproof. I’ve been hunting around for a little while and while there are plenty of choices out there Im having a tough time finding the one that will suit my needs and am in need of help.

The idea is to have 14-16 AWG wire from a fuse block in the back to run up the d pillar and into the space between the headliner and the roof, then a through bulkhead connector with no fewer than 4 pins and no more than 8 to go up through a hole I drill in the roof. Obviously the main thing is that this hole is sealed to prevent water ingress. Then on the outside an ip67/68 rated connector that mates with the bulkhead connector. Ideally thins connector can’t stick up more than, say, 2 inches and it should have an optional cover to keep it waterproof when disconnected.


Also it needs to be able to handle the amps.

Something like this seems ideal, but it doesn’t look like it can handle the amps or wire gauge.

I’ve got a single 40 inch dual row lightbar that’s going to go up there, as well as a very low amp light strip and 4-6 low amp lights.

My guess:

16 amps for the lightbar

1 amp for the LED strip

8 amps for the pod lights.

Boy thats a lot more than I thought actually. Call it 35A @12v to be safe.

I’d really like to drill one hole, not a grundle but I am open to 2 (low amp, high amp).


Anyone have any good ideas?

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