Indy 1996: fastest qualifying laps, to this day.

Luyendyk, in a properly designed indycar, with Tom Carnegie, a proper track announcer. Luyendyk may have not taken pole position due to his car not passing tech after his previous attempt, but he made up for it this day; breaking all records. Things were great in the mid-to-late 90's. I don’t see what was wrong with it.


But for this year, Tony George created the IRL. He wanted to be a Bill France; owning the best track and the whole series. They raced under the previous year’s rules which is why Luyendyk was so fast. 1997 would see a new chassis and qualifying times nearly 20mph slower. Luyendyk took pole at 218mph. It took until 2003 to see 230mph again, and they swiftly reduced the engines to three liters and we never saw a 230mph lap again until 2014, which was after turbos came back.

CAn’t wail to see indy this year with the windscreens and in the fall.

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