The new indycar engine czar has confirmed indycar will use, β€œ2.4-litres while retaining a twin-turbocharged V6 layout.” all the while pointing to new manufacturer involvement. Their other public thoughts pulled together point to Cosworth saying they want to develop a new engine and Indycar wanting a manufacturer to attach their name to it. This is a useless move. How?

Porsche and Subaru are instantly out of the picture with the flat design they sell. Anyone with 4 or even 5 cylinder engines gets no displacement break (also subaru and porsche plus anyone markiding big in the boosted inline market.) to compensate for lost valve area in engines with less that 6 pistons.

I’d like to see another manufacturer. Who wouldn’t. Id like more than 3, but limiting what a manufacturer brings to the table limits what manufacturer truly want to be there if nothing helps sales. Is it good though?

Well, identical cars and engines eliminate advantages other than outright power and economy. Im certain that Indycar adjusts boost for all on all tracks to regulate safe speeds but if anyone shows up with something they cant control unbalancing all their competition balance, like ultimately low CG and shorter engines making for smaller polar moments, then other manufacturers who don’t build and sell such things may threaten to or outright leave.


I say so what, but i also say indycar does have to protect the show. Has a right to. Nobody liked it realky when F1 aided Ferrari to dominate excessively in the Schumacher years. Or mostly the whole CanAm field in β€˜73 was 917/10's. But even when a dominant engine was in force, like the Offenhauser was at indy, it wasn’t a problem as long as everyone had access to one.

The ideal solution here really cant rest in regulation. It more or less has to come from the teams making choices. Give an engine limit and let the makers provide a solution. We may be very surprised or further excited when Audi brings a turbo 2.5 slanted inline 5 or Porsche a 2.6 turbo flat 4 like they want to sell in the boxter. Or Ferrari tries a 2.2 v8 that will be more thirsty than any other there. A VW vr 7? Whatever. Regulate revs n boost n size. Done. Heaven forbid someone tjinks they can destroke a LS and make a 3 liter version compete. If they truly want indycar great again they must unleash what was great about indycar.


Let the rest of the puzzle fall into place. That appears the only real pick of the fan enjoyable solution.