Indycar knows how to onboard.

I mean just look at this shit.

If you didn’t know better you’d think Papyrus made the most accurate sim ever. Consistent, smooth 60FPS HD, actual visor cam POV, real wind noise simulation, and the physics are off the charts. Admittedly it could use some extra HDR, but I can’t complain with the complete driver lineup, deep setup trees, the fucking photorealism, force feedback, lighting (the lighting in particular), sound engineering and the attention to detail.


These devs really know how to max out the Frostbite engine. Top notch. And to think their last title was for DOS and Amiga. Fucking low-tech shit. The original Indianapolis 500: The Simulation can be remade in HTML5 no problem-o, but the new game’s just... let’s just say it’s worth the $99 price.

Now, now, now, yes, I can see that you’re about to call me a Papyrus shill, but look at what Codemasters is doing with their open-wheel franchise.

The simulation itself is great, maybe even better than Indy because of the wet-weather driving, but the graphics and LOD are simply off-putting. The camera position is good, but not really immersive, it isn’t buttery-smooth even at Full HD, the sound engineering is amateurish...


Actually, I think Papyrus only merely edges out Codemasters by a few points.

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