So, the front end of my '03 Odyssey is getting to the point where I have to do something. About a month ago I posted about how my Honda dealer wanted a disgusting pile of money to replace the sway bar links and struts. Now, I would never entertain the idea of having them do it, because I'm not independently wealthy. But the van desperately needs new tires, and I don't want to get new shoes until the front end is sorted.

So my question is, "What is the most economical way of doing this without doing the actual labor myself?"

I know that changing the links is a pretty easy job, but I'm really not much of a wrencher. There is a DIY garage close to me with a lift, and tools, that you can rent by the hour. And I've been told that, for a fee, they'll even help you. So I'm considering that, but I don't really have the time or expertise to tackle it, and I don't thiknk I'd be up to doing the struts. I've also considered getting the parts myself online and finding a shop to install them. Of, if there are any Austin Opponauts with experience in this area who are willing to work for beer, food or cigars (or all three), please respond below.

What do you think?