Right now I’ve borrowed a Hobart Handler 140 welder from a cousin. It’s currently set up to use flux core wire, and for what I’ve used it for, it’s been fine. I really like the idea of getting my own welder, though, so I’ve been doing a little hunting around. Today I came across this guy:

For features, it seems pretty similar to this guy:


Both have about the same number of heat and wire feed settings. Both will run off a 120 v outlet.

Both are around the same price. For something in that price range, I think I could do a lot worse. Ideally, I’d love to get an AC TIG welder, but I can’t quite swing the $1000+ price tag. But as far as cheap DC TIG machines go, there is this one:


Reviews seem fairly positive. I’ve currently got $150 worth of Amazon gift cards, so that’d knock the price down to roughly $400. Whether it includes the foot pedal seems a bit hit/miss though. That would likely add another $100 or so to the price.

Do you guys have any recommendations/thoughts on inexpensive MIG/TIG welders?