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*work/personal question buffer*

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I never know what to do when getting hit on at work. Whether by a male or female, I just try to be friendly and not flirt back. It is just such an odd sensation to me. I think I feel weird about it because I would never purposefully do that to anyone while they were working because it is neither the place or the time to do that in my mind. Because you are at work and that isn’t a social kind of place, if you get what I mean.

For example this somewhat attractive guy my age was just in getting a tail light socket for his Outback and I could feel and see the “look up and down” eyes and there was body language there and even though I was the only one here today, I still felt the need to not flirt or anything back. I guess it is also I just don’t discuss my orientation at work, especially since it is the automotive field and a conservative area I just prefer not to have the judgment if there was going to be any. But it isn’t that I hide it. I brought my significant other to every work Christmas dinner and a couple other functions for four years while he and I were dating.


I guess I just sometimes feel like I am wrong to want to keep my private life and feelings separate from work when there are so many people that fight for the right to be whoever you are, wherever you are. Am I wrong?

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