Unfortunately, my time with her is near an end. After a severe suspension failure up front, bad rear struts, coil issues and starting issues, we decided it’s time to put her out to pasture. 274,000 miles on her, gave me 25k good ones before giving up the ghost. Drove her up on the trailer this morning to go to my rents’ house. We will sell off as much as we can and try to break even. For $800 and just a few small repairs over time, did me good for a year. So now what? Well we got one of our Durangos going. Needs some work but runs generally good. I bought another Durango last month. Engine is so locked up it won’t turn by hand. So $300 down the drain? Naahh. The first Durango we bought has a trashed body with a good engine. Mileage difference is 15k. Same model year, same motor so it’s a direct swap. The one with a bad engine? Rust free body and clean. Only $300 and I still come out ahead. Yes! So we will still have two running Dodges and one for parts. Not bad. Just a tough time for vehicles for the moment. Hopefully I can break even with the Infiniti and be good with my Dodges.


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