Infiniti's lineup shrinks lineup for 2020

As if anyone would notice, Infiniti has shrunk its lineup down to just 2 sedans for ‘20. Both regular and LWB versions of the long in the tooth Q70 are gone. Poking around their site confirms as there is no 2020 model year Q70.

The Q70 getting cut isn’t a surprise. Like most of the Infiniti lineup it doesn’t sell. They only sold 149 last month with ytd sales of 2,196. It was never really a serious contender to begin with being a gray area car: being called midsize but with 2 wheelbases and pricing that had it competing with big luxury sedans it had no business competing with. And on top of all those things it was old as hell. Like almost Dodge Challenger old. This is essentially the same 4th gen of the Q70 (formerly known as M) that debuted in 2011. Its almost had no updates besides the name. Seriously. Look. Here’s a 2011 M.


And here’s a 2019 Q70.

The same car. Expect for a different grill and those obvious afterthought LED DRL’s. The interior is even more obvious as to how old it is. Here’s the 2011.


And here’s the 2019.


Virtually unchanged. The only good thing I can say about the Q70/M is that it was the only instance of Nissan’s 5.6 V8 being used in a sedan (and I said SEDAN. The FX56 was a crossover) so there’s that.


The big changes though come with the Q50/Q60. For 2020 the sole engine for both the sedan and coupe is the twin turbo V6 available in both standard and sporty Red Sport trims. The base 2.ot is gone. It seems that now the Q50/60 are one of the few places where you can still get only a V6 now.

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