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Inflation is a bitch.

So here I am, on a Sunday afternoon reading twenty-year-old Car and Drivers so I don't have to do that report due tomorrow.

One of the issues I've picked up is the 1993-94 10 Best Cars issues. We see the appearance of several legends: BMW's new E36, the fifth-gen Accord, the Prelude VTEC, the Integra GS-R, the final RX-7, a Sentra SE-R, and oh yes, something called a "300ZX" from Nissan.


The prices seem dirt cheap: $15K nets a SE-R and $5K more a GS-R. But these are 1994 dollars - what's that in 2013? Using some internet sleuthing I found my way onto a calculator and started plugging in numbers.

3-door GSR: 19,805 (1994) -> 31,075 (2013).

325i (E36): $31300 (base) -> $49,111

Prelude VTEC: $24,850 -> $38,991

RX-7: $34,613 -> $54,309

SE-R: $14,174 -> $22,239.5

300ZX turbo: $41,000 -> $64,330

Yes, you read that right. The 300ZX cost the 2013 equivalent of $64,000. The RX-7, $54, 309. The GS-R? Might as well save your money for a WRX or a Toyobaru. The only one that still looks "affordable" is the SE-R.


Inflation's a bitch.

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