I know a guy who’s selling his 2007 V70 R. Automatic transmission, 8x,xxx miles, dealer maintained, clean VIN, $9,500. The interior has some wear and tear due to kids, but he says it runs strong. Unfortunately, they live in Virginia, so I can’t just pop over and drive it. I’m contemplating trying it out and if I like it, drive it home after our upcoming family vacation to DC next month. Nothing like a 16-hour solo road trip to bond with a car.

So yeah, I’m interested. I know very little about the R lineup, especially the second generation, but I like what I’m reading. It sounds like it could be a solid swap for my CRV. Big, fast, comfortable family hauler with some cool dad cachet. What’s not to dig? And even if this car is a bust I’m still interested in another V70 R orS60 R.

However, I need to know about day to day reliability, especially potentially big issues like turbo problems, Haldex issues, electronics. I’m not averse to fixing up some of the issues like the messed up door cards and even some of the upholstery. I don’t want to be rebuilding an engine within the next 20,000 miles though.