These pictures are from a couple days ago but I just now remembered to get them off the phone. The gauge install is complete (as can be seen above). Discoveries include more-than-ample oil pressure when cold (as can be seen above) and the fact that I can’t seem to get the engine over 180 degrees. The thermostat is a new 190 degree one that I tested before I installed, so that’s kind of weird.

Really need to take care of the bodywork and get some trim back on those rear wheel arches!

So yeah. I took it for a couple mile drive today to get the cobwebs out. It still needs plug wires (I watch them arc to the headers) and a general tune-up, especially the carb, which is still how it came out of the box last fall, since it got cold before I could take the time to tune it properly.

Oh and I don’t know if I ever documented it here, but the tubular rear control arms & poly bushings are in, along with some frame braces that share the bolts. New shocks, too. The rear sits a little high but I’m sure it needs to break in. Definitely rides firmer.

Next up will be some odds and ends (including the aforementioned plug wires) and accumulating the rest of the parts to swap in that Muncie.