Looks like I get to drive 11 hours tomorrow by myself. *Mild rant ahead*

As some of you know, I’m an Architecture grad student. My studio is doing a project for a non-profit. As part of this process we need to build some prototypes of some of the elements in the final construction.

One of the key pieces of the design uses pre-charred wood to allow a prairie fire to burn through it without damaging the structure (pretty freaking cool). Our professor got us in touch with a firm that has built a charring oven, and they happily agreed to help us char some wood. What’s the problem you may ask? The firm is in Fayetteville, Arkansas and we are in Manhattan, Kansas.

I’m in charge of prototyping so I have to go, which is fine. However, I’ve messaged the rest of the class several times and nobody will volunteer to go with me. NOBODY, not a single one. Seriously, this is our final masters project and apparently nobody wants to put in the effort. So it looks like I get to make the 11 hour round trip journey in a stripper University pickup by myself. What a joy.


On the plus side, when I’m the only one who shows up, my prof. shouldn’t be mad at me....

*Rant over*


Sweet”Iron Mask” DR30 for your time.

So, what’s Oppo doing tomorrow? Anything exciting?