Okay. We’re chill. Calm. Cool. Collected. Don’t think about how somebody decided to tear open the heavy duty zip lock bag instead of just opening it. Don’t think about how they easily expended 5x the energy to do so on these surprisingly sturdy bags. Zen. Be one with the trees. Sway in the breeze.


In other news, I’ve started assembling a smittybuilt ladder rack. It’s like Legos for grownups, if Lego decided to just dump every single peice in one massive bag, forget half of it, and put in 40+ unnecessary pieces. I have 4 bolts that are 4 inches long, and an inch thick. Matching washers and lock nuts. There are zero holes large enough to fit them anywhere on the rack, and they’re not to attach the rack to the truck either. Absolutely no place for them. Huh. I’ll be picking up fasteners tomorrow to finish the assembly. Well over 200 pieces of hardware... Crazy. That said it’s a nice rack and I’m looking forward to getting it on the pickup.

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