Initial D Eurobeat is amazing to do Research to.

Because it reminds me that I need to go as fast as possible!

I used to play this on the background back when I drifted on GT5/Prologue. Unlike most people, I discovered Initial D only after I was past my racer stage, so the show did nothing to inspire me to do crazy things (I was already/had already done them). I looked toward the show for technical inspiration (yeah, from fiction!) in my quest to mature as an enthusiast. It bridged the point between "I can identify and spec out every car on this road" to "I know what it would take to make any car on this block outrun the other cars on this block".


Conveniently, this was about the same time I was discovering techno music, so fell in love with the Eurobeat genre as a gateway from rock/arena music to EDM.

So enjoy my favorite youtube mix video as I do way too much market analysis!

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Last time I had an excel spreadsheet this big (several sheets, 200+ lines, all hand-entered formulas, lotsa graphs), I was using it for calculating load shifts and simulating the trade-off between weight over each wheel, torque going through the wheel, and the change in body height using GT5's tuning specifics and some simple real world physics formulas. Ryosuke Takahashi inspired me to take numbers into my own hands, so to say, and I still feel that I left a bit of an impact on the GT5 drift community with my methods.

Needless to say, there was a time when I spent way too much time playing GT5. Now I'm on a quest to get enough money to build a proper car myself instead of playing a simulator.

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