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Initial thoughts on Forza Horizon 2 announcement? Here's mine

I know there's a thread on the front page, but some of you, like me, may have been unwilling to post on it for various reasons. Feel free to voice your own, or counter mine. Screen shots from Horizon 1 for your time and or entertainment. Yes, I know we've only learned of it today and the details are very, very limited. Suffice to say as we learn more, I'll have more thoughts on it.

(Ima catch you!)

Location: Open world driving games have featured plenty of prominent places. Colorado, LA, San Fransisco, London, and Oahu just to name a few. Can't think of any that took place in southern France. I know Burnout 3 had locations there and I think NFS Porsche Unleashed did too. Having never been there myself, I can't say that it's the perfect place or not, but Top Gear and the pictures I've seen suggest it. I like it. It's different, and it should provide us with hours of hoonage. I'm hoping that the map will provide us with different landscapes like Horizon did with Colorado. Maybe on a larger scale though, since I felt that it changed too quickly in Horizon and since the Xbox One should be able to handle a larger map/detail/etc.


The other reason I'm happy about the location is that I won't feel as awkward driving a car that is illegal in the US on the open road.

(The Doug Demuro)

Weather: Holy shit. Yes. Gimme rain, snow (please?) and whatever else they get in southern France. And please let it have an effect on driving physics. Just don't make it annoying as hell so don't make the weather systems spawn out of fucking nowhere. We should be able to see a system moving in on the horizon (pun intended). I'm sure this is asking too much, but if the weather can also slightly change the textures of the ground too that'd be awesome.


(Guys? GUYS?! Why is no one looking at me?! This is a car show!)

Music Festival: I ignored that in Horizon 1 since I was in it for the cars. Oh and I wasn't sure if it was a music festival featuring a car show and street racing or if it was a car festival featuring lots of music. Having become a fan of dubstep and what not since deployment though, this should mean I don't have to quickly go to buy/tune/paint a car quick, fast and in a hurry. I drive with the radio off though. I want to hear engines!



Cars: Well, at least they said hundreds. And hopefully this means more than what Forza 5 started with. I just wish they chose a different car for the box art. The last Lamborghini I liked was the LP670-4 SV. Horizon 1 included some firsts for Forza as well, hopefully Horizon 2 does as well.


(Peugeot 908 based livery)

Horizon Rally: Yes, it was flawed, but it was fun! I hope it returns.


Drivatar System: WHY????!!!! I HATE IT. All the AI drive like a bunch of Massholes. Turn one at Spa in Forza 5 is hell because of the AI, I can only image what hairpin turns in a mountain pass are going to be like. Also hate the system because it forces me to drive like Joao Barbosa did this weekend in Detroit. I like to race clean, I like to win clean. (P2/WTR* fan in TUSC by the way, so slight bias in this)


PS: Sorry for all the Lotus shots. I was in a mood for simplicity and lightness.

*I'm only a WTR fan because I want to root for someone who has a chance at beating Chip Ganassi and AER. And if that means rooting for a Daytona Prototype, so be it.

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