Injector Cleaning Services?

I just pulled the fuel injectors out of my old Miata (yay parts car) so that they can be sent off for cleaning/rebuilding and then installed into my other Miata when convenient. Hopefully that can solve my misfire code once and for all and perhaps even improve my fuel economy. Pretty sure the injectors worked fine on the old car but with 210k miles on them, it can’t hurt to have them cleaned to be sure. I will be changing the fuel pump and fuel filter at the same time (already have the parts on hand) so the car will have a fully revamped fuel system after that. Then I can also finally install my roadstersport midpipe for that little bit of extra noise and single digit horsepower gain (been waiting because didnt want to risk frying the cat with a misfire).

Most recent photo I have of the Miata. With a nice doppleganger in the background. That car had 200,000 fewer miles on it lol. Side note “CSM” or “California Street Modified” seemed like a silly class since it was only me and an FRS who had no idea what the class even was and was running on all seasons at a good 10 seconds slower than me. Will just do regular CSP next time since all of the street prepared classes were grouped together and I would have beat everybody running that combined class at the event based on raw time.

So Oppo, has anyone used Injector cleaning services before and have suggestions? I have found WitchHunter Performance, Dr. Injector, and Injectorrx which all seem to offer about the same service for somewhere around $20 per injector plus shipping both ways. A little bit more expensive than buying remanufactured injectors but far cheaper than buying new ones (somewhere around 3-4x the price on rockauto). I found it interesting that there are vendors directly on rockauto which offer the same service but that seemed a bit pricier at around $30 per injector but includes shipping in that cost. Flat rate USPS box should be like $10 though and fit all four no problem.

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