So I bought an Indian. Was looking for something faster than a Jeep and cheaper than a Corvette, while also being fat-guy-friendly. Score. Installed some Vance & Hines slip-ons the same day I changed out the break-in oil. 100% satisfied. Added bonus is that it’s louder than my white-supremacist-neighbor’s Dyna, which bothers him more than it tickles me. Score again.

As an engineer, this is the least offensive cruiser I could find. The engine is a stressed member and has a bunch of cams and valves. The frame castings are well formed and free of flash, too. The cherry on top is that it’s beautiful in a curvy, functional way. 10/10 pleased with the purchase, would do again.

The day I brought it home.
The day I brought it home.
Slip-ons and a minimalist windshield to keep the dynamic pressure down a bit

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