I have a partial tear in my rotator cuff, so my normal after work activities (rock climbing, wrenching, gym) have to be replaced with some that don’t require the use of my shoulder as much...

SOOO I started a new project. I’ve been sim racing in Project Cars 2 on PS4 since it came out. Last year I had the opportunity to play PCars2 in VR on a coworker’s gaming PC and absolutely loved it. I decided to start building a gaming PC that was VR ready to play PCars 2 on Oculus Rift.

I started pricing everything out and holy shit these components get expensive! with the setup I was looking at, it would be easily over 3K for a small form factor PC that can tuck under the seat of my current racing setup. Luckily I came up with another solution. Instead of setting the racing rig up in the game room, I’m just gonna put it next to my desk, and get a super powerful desktop for work and sim racing.


I found an Alienware Aurora R5 that was specced out to max spec in 2017 (i7-6700k, GTX1080 founders edition, liquid cooled, 32GB RAM, etc) for sale on Craigslist, that comes with a 4k monitor, alienware keyboard/mouse, an xbox controller, soundbar, and Oculus rift headset with touch controllers for ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. In 2017, that was a $4000 setup! I’m picking it up friday and hopefully getting the VR stuff set up this weekend. The only thing I need to do now is find a way to mount a monitor to my wheel/pedal stand, and get my old Miata seat mounted as well. Looking at options for that now.

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