Innovation in Distraction by Looking to the Past!

Here in Illinois in an effort to reduce distracted driving they have banned the use of cell phones while driving, but have they gone far enough?

On by way to work this morning I spotted a true innovator, circumventing the laws in order to do what he loves best, not paying attention while driving.


Yes, this is while driving down the street. He as a newspaper fully opened over the steering wheel (couldn’t even fold it in half). Wow!

In a (maybe?) unrelated story, four days after putting my summer tires back on I had a slow leak, which yesterday I traced to a small cut in my sidewall. It’s a real bummer because the tires had about 6/32nds left which should have been good for one of two more track days and maybe the summer. With the cost of replacing my clutch earlier this year, I really was not hoping to not buy tires (and wheels) this year, but such is life.

On the upside I’m going to get to try some new tires based hotness, I’m going with Hankook R-S4s, upsized to 255 40 R17, see if those aren’t the greatest thing since the RE-71R but with some actual durability. Those wider tires mean I’m going to need to pester my parts guy to get the new wider and 8lb lighter wheels that I want fast. Which is especially important since I’m going on vacation for 8 days starting next week and when I come back I have a track day planned 3 days later.

ah well, just means I’ll get to really play with the new tires sooner and see what they can do.


In the meantime I’m borrowing wheels from a friend, everyone loves 18's but I really like the look of 17's better for some weird reason. Doesn’t hurt that tires cost 70$ a piece less either.

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