At last years inspection I was told the transmission dipstick was broken. "Weird" I thought. I ordered a new one, but being the procrastinating bastard I am, I didn't replace it right away. It appears the broken dipstick, from rattling around has cut the tube, and judging from the rust at the cut, contaminants have definitely found their way into the trans.

I've been wanting to have this converted into a manual, but that generally requires a donor car. As luck would have it an ebay store has the trans and most of the components. Here's the response to my inquiry to them.

Here is what would be included in the kit:


Pedal Assembly

Shifter & Linkage

Engine/Transmission Adapter Plate

You will need to order brand new master & slave cylinders and a new clutch kit (plate, throwout bearing & pilot bushing).

I'd suggest

You will also have to get the front section of your driveshaft shortened at a driveshaft shop.

Lastly, you'd need a new clutch hydraulic line made, as the one in the car is rusted out.

The cost of the kit would be $300 with the sale of the transmission for $700.

This is a pretty sizable discount over what the individual components would cost.

Shipping would be roughly $90.

Let me know if this works for you and I can get an exact quote andsend you an invoice via Paypal.

My shop said it'd be about $600-$700 for the install.

Question is, should I go this route or get a new dipstick tube and have the existing transmission checked out thoroughly?


The idea of being able to convert this without having to buy and dispose of another car is tempting.