Insane 2 Hour Makeover - Rally Laser Gets Paint

I am really happy with the video quality here. Mind you that I had ZERO intention of throwing this on YouTube; in lieu of that there was no usage of tripod or external mic. Yet the quality is stellar and it’s something fun I think all of you will enjoy.

Saturday night we decided to paint the engine bay in the Laser as we have discussed it for quite some time. We set out pulling the fenders and moved on to prep. Even my kiddo wanted a hand in it.


I’ve never done body work, but Nathan did it for a living. He handed me some scotch brite and had me start etching the primer, and my kiddo helped. She honestly did a fantastic job and between us we had it done in a good amount of time. After Nathan did his final inspection and masking, we were ready.

There it was ready for paint. I would love to drop the finished pictures because they’re spectacular, but to do it justice you’ll just have to watch the 8 minute video I threw up. It’s worth the watch and it gives a better look at how amazing this turned out. 

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