Allow me to introduce meself, I’m Joe and I’m 17. I’ve got a rusty but hopefully trusty 1996 Dakota nicknamed “Kipper” (There’s a short anecdote for those who want it.) I’ve only got my learner’s permit (Sad, I know.) but I’m still a gearhead, have been since birth. Shall I get on to what’s actually interesting? Okay....

My grandfather has 4 muscle/pony cars.

1. 1967 Chevelle SS396 (Picture taken at the Hines Drive cruise)

As the name implies, it is a 396 car. Originally a 325 horse 396, it now has a mild cam (I think, Pappaw didn’t swap the cam, a previous owner did), L78 (375hp) cylinder heads, an Edelbrock Intake, and a Holley carb.

Exhaust is headers with steel pipe (non aluminized) and Thrush turbo mufflers. Plans are possibly 3" exhaust with Dynomax Bullets exiting in front of the rear tire.

The transmission is a TH400 shifted by a Hurst Pro Matic 2, and it has an 1800 stall converter. The rear end is a 12 bolt with a 4.56 Posi differential (3000 rpm at 40mph- fun!)


Front tires are 225/70/15, rears are 255/70/15.

Originally gold on gold, it is now Bolero Red with black interior. It’s the quickest of the 4 thanks to that 4.56 gear. He bought it June 23rd, 1997.


Numero dos is the 1968 Camaro SS- believed to be an original L78 car, it now packs a 454 with a Comp Cams Magnum Hyd. Flat Tappet with .575 degrees of lift and .305 duration. The intake is a vintage Edelbrock C427X (Motion Performance ran these). The carb? That’s the issue. There no longer is one. In time, it’ll get another Holley 750. It’s got Flowmasters now, but I’d like to bolt a pair of Purple Hornies to the headers.

Rather than the original 4 speed, it had a TH400 swapped in during the 80s around the time it got the 454. Some day, when I have a decent job. I’d like to put a Rockcrusher in it. The rear axle is a 3.73 12 bolt Posi.

Other than the paint (though it was originally LeMans Blue), carpet, and engine and trans, most of it is probably original. I don’t know how much of it is. Poor car is starting to rust under the vinyl top.


Oh, and for added 70s goodness, it has slapper bars and a Sun Super Tach, as well as matching Oil Pressure gauge. I have the proper temp gauge, but no sending unit. I need to convert it to mechanical, because this car has heating issues.

The Cragars are mounted on 215/60/15s in the front, and 255/60/15 in the rear. It used to sit higher, but the air shocks quit holding air. It’s going to get Gabriel HiJackers (I just put the rabbit sticker in the quarter windows- still need the shocks.)

It’s gonna be the subject of quite a few posts, as this SOB never runs right.

EDIT: I forgot. I think the timing is off. So why have we never checked it? Simple, as it doesn’t have a tab.


Number 3.

I’m your Turboo Loverrrrrr.....

This one’s been in the family since about 1989. T-Top car, the turbo impeller on the turbo is larger than factory, and he can’t remember, but Pappaw thinks he put a chip in it. Sadly, the paint is terrible and the bumper fillers cracked. Amazing because it has less than 40k on the clock.


It’s down right now with fuel pressure regulator problems, and the injectors need to be cleaned. Sadly, Pappaw can’t work on them like he used to. I’d like to learn, but it’s a bit difficult when I’m just now willing to.

And finally..... NUMBER 4.

This one’s a total blast.

1989 Mustang GT. And no, it isn’t stock. Just looks that way.

The engine itself actually is bone stock except for a 65mm throttle body. Pap thinks it may have been fiddled with at the factory, because even before he messed with it, it was faster than the other Fox Mustangs he’d been around. Also, the air filter is oversized, and he had to order it rather than grabbing one at a store.


The trans is still a T5, with a different 1st and 2nd gear, and the shortest throw Hurst shifter ever seen. It’s got a 5th and reverse gear lock out that he himself designed.

The rear end is no longer carrying those pitiful 2.73 gears, rather he did what any sane human does and swapped in 3.55s. The mufflers are not your garden variety Flowmasters- there aren’t any.

The rear tires are 275/60/15. Fronts are 225/60/15. He also fabbed his own subframe connectors.


While I hate to sound like I’m shilling for my YouTube channel, I do have video of all 4 of them uploaded there. There are a few differences in the Camaro and Chevelle, as the videos were filmed last year.