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The annoying thing was, this car actually wasn’t that bad. We had it yesterday while the Odyssey was having its alignment and suspension done. The fact that everyone says this car is among the worst in the class shows how far cars have come, because it was a pretty good vehicle.


- drove surprisingly well

- very smooth powertrain

- lots of front seat space

- didn’t feel slow or sluggish at all despite having less than 200 horsepower in a heavy car



- disappointing fuel economy considering the 4 cylinder/9 speed auto combo

- tiny rear seat

- plastic EVERYWHERE in the interior

Note on the transmission: it’s nowhere near as bad as everyone says it is. You don’t notice the shifts at all, but the gear selection is really strange. It tells you what gear you’re in in the center display, which is really annoying because it’s gear selections are weird. I would have no complaints if it didn't tell you what gear you're in because the transmission shifts really smoothly otherwise.

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