Disclaimer: I am not a ford insider or afiliated in anyway. For now all I can say is...things happen quickly this day and age.

I sent tip into Jalopnik...they didnt run the story...they may have some agreement with Ford. I get that. But, I figured I'd give my fellow oppos and nugget about what may or may not be on the way from Ford.

1) A diet: Ford is working with AA to make it lighter.

2) it will have better MPG performance.

You knew that already...

spoiler alert new information (not 100% confirmed will elaborate post official reveal)

Hint: it may have indirectly been inspired by Jalopnik & /drive and accidentally happended due to a drunk conversation...are you sure you want to continue? Can you wait for Fords unveiling and my subsequent post of how it happened?

You sure?

Point of No return....

3) it will have tuned 3.5 ecoboost V6 offering more power and much better fuel economy and performance than current V8


I will post how this all happened when Ford makes official announcement.