Assembled here are the best Oppositelock posts from last Wednesday and Thursday. It includes American muscle, cars women do like, Mexico's most famous auto journalist and similarities between samurai and racing drivers.

Inside Saleen's Muscle Car Laboratory - puppyknuckles


Let's say you're a fan of all-American muscle, and you want to stand out from the legions of other Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger owners prowling the streets. You need presence. You want to intimidate. You won't be satisfied until you have the ability to instantly vanquish large amounts of fossil fuels with your right foot. Enter Saleen. Read more…

Let's talk about the vehicular tastes of our significant others... - Automatch Tom

Doug, in typical humorous DeMuro fashion, brought up that females aren't really into cars. While some females may like cars, having a fancy car in and of itself is not going to make you more attractive to women. This got me thinking about how my wife feels about automobiles. Mrs. Automatch is not what I would call a "gear-head," though she is very tolerant of my obsession. Read more…

Today I met Mexico's most Famous Automotive Journalist. It was Epic - VincentvanCabrioW


We all know the famous Automotive Journalists from around the world: Clarkson, Harris and many others. Mexico also has its own very important figure to the automotive world - his name is Alfonso Chiquini. He is a 38-40 ish year old man that has a radio show, a TV show, and goes around the world visiting to a lot of places to eat free food and drive cars nice cars. Heaven. He is the most famous and well known journalist of the country and today I had the fortune to meet him. He is absolutely awesome. Read more…


Zen and the Art of Speed - Justin is driven

The samurai practitioners of Bushido used the tenets of Zen Buddhism to guide themselves morally and spiritually in a life surrounded by the threat of sudden death. Racing drivers share these circumstances with the samurai. Their chosen careers require that they put themselves in harms way constantly, pushing themselves and their vehicles to the limit in the pursuit of victory. Read more…


Would You Pay $15k For A Low Mile W8 Powered Wagon? - TheDailyTurismo


It may be a bit late for Syncro de Mayo, but it is never a bad time to post up a 4Motion equipped, 8-cylinder powered, low-mile Volkswagen Wagon. The B5 generation Passat was remodeled in late 2000 (known internally as the B5.5 generation) and recieved updated headlights, chrome trim and optional W8 engine. Read more and check out Audi Style + Beetle Price Tag = Used Volkswagen Passat CC.

LEAK: Camaro - Most Improved Secret? - MooseKnuckles

The 2010 Camaro was undoubtedly the most leaked and revealed car of all time. Whether it was legitimate spy photos, GM's own leaked photos, watching it literally beat the shit out of a Decepticon Mustang in the Transformers movie, or the fact that it almost went unchanged from the 2006 Concept – sure as hell kept the concept's green house [warm]. We saw that bitch for years before it ever hit dealer lots. And somehow GM managed to maintain the hype. Read more…


Rental Car Review: 2003 Mazda Protege5 - TotallyThatStupid


That old chestnut, the object example of truth lovingly wrapped in a cliché. We all know people who have purchased cars previously the property of a rental or loaner fleets. And not ironically, either; this wasn't some vane nod toward empathy – like adopting an abused baby harp seal because you feel bad – or merely thumbing their nose at the Goddess of Nice Used Cars. They saw no problem in purchasing an automobile that had likely never known an easy day in its life. Read more…

2014 WRX test-drive - PreetR34

Had the day off work today so decided to go test drive the Focus ST/FiST. But the FiST is never available in my town to test drive (only special orders) and the Focus was DOA… (Subaru wanted me to drive the WRX so bad that they, what I can only assume, sabotaged the only available Focus ST across town by depleting its battery. They then threw me the keys and said have at it son) Read more…


The 2014 Jaguar F-Type S Coupe - Quick Look - Mosqvich


The good people at Colorado Springs' Red Nolan Jaguar-Land Rover gave me a call today to let me know they had their first two F-Type coupes in stock. They wondered if I'd like to drive one. "Why yes, I certainly would." Read more…

Forgotten Track: Circuito Piccolo delle Madonie (Targa Florio) - Jobjoris

Last week on Sicily I could not leave out a short run on the old Circuito Piccolo delle Madonie, better known as the (public) route they (most of the time) used for the infamous Targa Florio. Read more…


The Best of the Rest


Dwhite took photos of K-Roll's father's Porsche. Joshua Gilbert took photos of a 2002 Turbo, camouflaged GT-R and Ferrari 308. D attended the Monterey Grand Prix. MR2_FTW continued his engine rebuild. Puppyknuckles' LeMons Audi got an awesome paint job. Mycarneverruns87 autocrossed his Miata. Aya drove his brother's Swift. Aquila121 updated us on project Riceball. Will Alibrandi got a ride in a modded GT-R. 505Turbeaux took his Beemer out for a ride. Beigemobile made his Camry more grounded to the ground. Conrader got FiST(ed) hard. CPNSLOW spotted a pristine 1800ES. Enginerrrrrrrrr got to sit in an Enzo.

As always, If I've missed something and you would like me to include it, let me know.



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