Inside the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado

During my recent trip to Hershey Park, Chevy was putting on a promotional event. Much to my surprise, inside the main display tent was an unlocked (and more importantly, unguarded), 2015 Chevy Colorado. Here are my impressions of the truck.



The model I sat in was a 2015 LT crew cab long bed. This seems to be the model an average buyer would purchase. The steering wheel was comfortable to hold, and speedo and the tach were easily legible. The seats were made out of a thick, durable feeling gray cloth, which felt comfortable during the short time I was able to sit in them. Rear seat legroom is identical to what other trucks like the Tacoma and Frontier are offering, and I was able to sit comfortably behind myself, a 5' 11 guy.

Interior materials were decent for the light truck segment, with harder plastics abundant throughout the cabin. In several areas, there is a softer touch plastic that feels nice to the touch, but also feels like it can stand up to some abuse. The layout of the buttons makes sense, and they feel like they would be easy to operate while wearing gloves. There is a lot of storage space throughout the cabin, and many USB/cigar outlets are also placed inside. My biggest complaint about the cabin would be that the center armrest feels like it's made out of a garden hose-like rubber. However, the interior is light years ahead of the previous Colorado, and also surpasses the Nissan Frontier and Toyota Tacoma in quality and convenience.


(Darker gray is harder plastic, lighter gray is softer)


The Colorado definitely feels and looks smaller than the Silverado, although calling this truck small is like saying that Venus isn't all that big compared to the Sun. Anybody who is going to trade in an old S-10 or Sonoma for a new Colorado is most likely going to be surprised by how big it is. The size increase also carries some benefits, however. The bed is deep and has many tie downs and places to hook, secure, and attach things. I can't really compare the bed to the Frontier's and the Tacoma's, but if the truck is used as an average light truck would be, it should be more than sufficient.


(All photos mine except for overall interior picture)

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