So there tends to be a lot of discussion around here (and presumably elsewhere) about future classics, missed opportunities, and value over time. The general consensus (rightfully so, I think) is cars that are either reasonably priced new or have fairly steep depreciation curves initially, along with relative future rarity due to limited production or a significant decline in the road worthy examples. So without going full Martha Stewart, is there anyone that could influence the consistency of our collective predictions.

The influence of pop culture on value I think is huge, similar to (without getting political) the claimed effect Roe v. Wade had on crime rates in the 90s. Whether it is over time or fairly immediate in it’s effect is probably dependent on the age group that the particular medium is targeted towards. The ability of the content creator to act upon their potential added value therefore depends on the budget of their project, confidence in their ability to affect potential consumers, and patience.


Think about the cars we always mention and the people that influenced their value. How did the top gear specials (Germany sports sedan challenge, the Argentina trip, Saab 99 film, Lancia film, etc.) affect value? How many twin turbo Supras could Vin Diesel have bought for pennies during the first few FF movies? How many r32 and r34 GTRs could have been stockpiled in Japan by the makers of Gran Turismo games once their success had been realized? The VW Corrado in Forza Horizon?

Obviously you can’t buy up the entire fleet of the car you wish to influence and the content shouldn’t be created for the sole intention of driving up the price. It might be the schrodinger’s cat of market and gearhead thought experiments. Also, whoever the investor is should probably set things up in a shell company to avoid the transparency of their endeavor.

Which cars have you seen influenced like this? Who do you think is a **millennial LinkedIn buzzword trigger warnign** influencer? Does anyone want to create desirable content for a 1985 Garelli Rally SL?


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