This was before the wheel spacers, but best shows how damn wide the gap is.

So for Christmas this year, I got a set of 20mm wheel spacers from ECS, with properly sized bolts.

Prior to this, I had extensively researched into wheel spacers, and nearly everywhere I looked everyone seemed to say wheel spacers had zero impact on performance.

So jump forward 2 months, and my car was in the shop because the suspension was in desperate need of overhaul, and my parents are not comfortable with me fixing the suspension with hand tools, elbow grease, the full mechanical knowledge of 17 year old, and a forum of strangers backing me.

Anyway, after picking it up, the head mechanic told me that I shouldn’t mess with wheel spacers. He mentioned something about ride quality on the highway, but I don’t remember the specifics. Regardless I have huge amounts of respect and trust in this mechanic and the shop. (Free ad for Park Manor Automotive in Allentown PA. Seriously, I fully believe these guys are the best in the Lehigh valley, with service and honestly exceeding some dealers.)


I don’t know if the problem is wheel spacers themselves, or the size for which I went. I also don’t know if the wheel spacers are only really fine for normal driving, where as I fully admit I enjoy spirited drives in the back roads. I also know 20 mm is a bit of a dramatic increase. However, this is what Passatworld forums recommended would best fit my rims (VW Classix from a newer Jetta).

I really don’t want to take them off because my car had an awful gap before, and they really fill out the wheel wells better.


Anyway, any personal experience and opinion would be greatly appreciated.