Insomniac AMA

I did this once before, and it was good times, so I’m doing it again.

My garage looks like this. I live in San Diego, where I also have a CTS V-Sport, a Silverado 2500, and a ‘97 Tahoe. I have a home in Alaska, where I have a ‘95 Bronco and a ‘70 VW Bus. I have a home in Baja where I have an ‘87 K5 Blazer, a ‘91 Suburban 2500, and a pair of ‘84 Honda 3-wheelers. I have a trailer at the Colorado River where I have an old ass beat-to-shit Explorer that I hate. I do many car things. I autocross the M3, I track the Z06, I cruise around in the Porsche, I do Baja adventuring in the Tahoe, and I tow boats with the Silverado.


Did someone say ‘boats’? I have 6 of them. Next to cars, boats/fishing is my most expensive and time-consuming hobby. Pictured here is my Tahoe towing 3-times its capacity in the form of my favorite boat, my 1979 23’ Blackman Fish Machine. I have numerous other hobbies. I golf more than any human should. I own more guns than I care to admit to. I carry a 200 average in bowling, which takes more practice than I’d care to talk about. I travel, I shoot long-bows, I play baseball, I’m in to planes, I do survivalist camping stuff, I read, I make my own trolling feathers, I wood-work, and I looooove dogs!

Did someone mention dogs? I just adopted this ol’ boy yesterday. He’s a Yellow Lab mix, and the reason I get to sleep in the kitchen tonight. He got dealt a rough hand before he went to the shelter, so he has major separation anxiety, and he likes to pee indoors. That’s why he gets to stay in the kitchen where there’s no carpet. But it’s ok. He’ll figure it out, and I fuckin’ love him. I wasn’t planning on sleeping much anyway.


Did someone mention sleep? I do very little of it. I worked 4 insanely lucrative years as a lawyer (plus 2 in law school), but I retired last year in my early 30s because (among other reasons) the stress was too ridiculous, and I was tired all the time on account of my terrible insomnia. It was nothing new, I’ve pretty much been tired since middle school, but until recently, I’d never had the means to just cash the fuck out and sleep til 11 every day, so here we are. Now I just manage the rental properties I bought with lawyerin’ money and drink.


Did someone mention drinking? That’s about a quarter of my wine-cellar. I make my own beer, and I spend enough time in Mexico to consider myself a serious Tequila connoisseur (I’ve been brushing up tonight). I’m also in to Rum. I found the best one in the world while travelling in Guatemala, and haven’t really been inspired to search around much beyond the good shit.

Sorry for the long-ass auto-bio. This will probably be the first chapter of my memoirs, which will be titled: 911e46z06: Much Less Intersting than a Man of his Experiences Should be. Available this summer. Anyway, AMA.

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