Inspection on the Saabaru, might be worried!

So I had an inspection done on the Saabaru I am planning to buy on Friday. I am trying to process the information to decide if I need to run away. Basically the MAJOR issue is the leaky head gasket. Now this was a performance subaru shop that has seen thousands of WRXs over the years and he said this happens to ALL of them. Its not leaking bad, but it is leaking. Seepage of oil into the reservoir. They said it may be manageable but it will need that done on the order of eventually.

Everything else is minor but at least a problem:

- Brake rotors and pads are worn (easy fix)

- Tire with a nail (replace a tire)

- The rust and dent underneath are just from bottoming out on something, pictures below (minor)


- Shocks are soft (time to upgrade)

- Defogger (easy fix)

- Clutch overheated too many times, likely throwout bearing on the way out (minor for now, but will be a leg workout)

My plan is to just talk the price down but I am worried that maybe I need to just pull out now while I still can. Glad I paid the $100 for the inspection!

What does Oppo think? Am I justified to run away? Crazy to stick it out?


I think its still a good buy, just need to make sure I can negotiate the clutch and head gasket issues into the price. I still think its worth $8k plus a new tire before I get there but I dont know how I feel about the $8600.

EDIT: Shop is quoting about $6.5k to fix everything (parts and labor). But $2k of that is stuff I can easily fix myself. That puts me at $4k no matter what that has to come off the price to make this a good deal. I am thinking a max price of $6k for the car is fair and a good deal.

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