Yeah, I'm pissed. The pedal went pretty far down to begin with. They replaced the brakes all around, and now it goes down even further! They said they forgot to look at the master cylinder when they inspected it, which is a HUGE fail on their part. But that's not all of it. They said we could pay $100 for the part and no labor. A fucking master cylinder costs less than $50!

Though, the master cylinder is actually fine. Brake fluid is normal. Dumbasses just didn't bleed the brakes properly.

Oh yeah, they also fucked my alignment up. They were supposed to do a front end alignment, but it still pulls. Their machine says it's good but it sure as hell ain't. It has all new rods, bushings and CVs, as well as new brakes. Next time I get a car inspected, I'll be going elsewhere.