Today was certainly a nice welcome back to California. Not only did I get to drive the new 2015 ATS 3.6 4(AWD) and ATS 2.0T with a 6spd, but I also found some new roads on which to flog vehicles. These coupes are really something, I mean they've got soul and the build quality to match. Cruising along the PCH in this Dark Adriatic Blue Metallic two door was one of the most pleasant motoring experiences I've had in recent memory. With Spoon's new album They Want My Soul pumping through the Bose system, I could feel the jet lag fading from my body and mind.

However, the day wasn't perfect. Contrary to what some of my peers had told me, there was no shrimp served so I guess the day was a total bust. Why no shrimp? East coast drives got shrimp. How can you have a press drive day and no shrimp?! I'm starting a new social media campaign to raise awareness for the lack of shrimp at these events by dumping a bucket of shrimp on Johan de Nysschen's doorstep. #showmetheshrimp