Instagram Posts worth following

I don’t use Instagram all that much. I have an account, but I never post anything. Mostly I use it to see what others have highlighted on here, FP, and other random things that pop up in the news.

Lately, I’ve considered looking at more car related stuff to supplement the usually browsing I do, but there is so much content that I don’t care about or dislike when doing generic searches.

I was hoping I could get some recommendations on pages to check out that are more closely aligned to my tastes. I mostly browse here, Jalopnik, Speedhunters, petrolicious, and BAT.


What I like: interesting builds, quality car photos, objective information and/or informed subjective information

What I don’t like: car bros, memes, “check out this stupid expensive exotic - #blessed #mo money,” content that ignores quality and accuracy and focuses on attempts at humor (cleetus, rcr, DD, etc)

Here’s a Lotus Elise Safari prototype:

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