Installed a CommaAI OpenPilot self driving system last night.

(not on my car, my junk is all too old) I guess AMA.

If we seem excited in the video, we are. We had just spent a lot of time troubleshooting and this was the first successful run.


Friend bought a 2019 pilot with all the goodies required (specifically for this). With less than 100 miles on it we got OpenPilot installed.

The giraffe (one of the connectors that lets the system tap into the cars existing network) was backwards thanks to a change Honda made from 2018->2019, and we required a special build (that someone had gotten into their GIT repo two days ago) but after some fiddling it all worked.

If you’re not aware of how it works, they have made the self driving feature an extension of the car’s super cruise functionality. You set the cruise and assuming the box was running correctly on car startup it turns green and viola.

It’s extremely seamless, uses the car to display warnings still, etc. outside of the 3D printed phone case hanging off the windshield it feels very polished.

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