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Installed: Camaro5 ZL1 Supercharger Lid

Probably THE no-brainer “mod” that can be done to Cadillac CTS-V2s is to install the Camaro5 ZL1 supercharger lid. The ZL1 (and later, the Gen-F HSV GTS) uses the same LSA engine as my car, and is rated at 580bhp as opposed to mine’s 556bhp. As far as anyone can tell, that “lid” was the only difference. The taller “lid” has a bigger and more rigid intercooler “brick” inside, lowers intake air temperature and is also much smoother inside.

First, I went to my dealership’s parts department to order the lid, then take it to the shop that did my exhaust to install it:


But then I thought I could take care of the supercharger service bulletin at the same time. Makes sense to me, as the dealership’s technician would have to take off the lid... to change the supercharger... but then instead of installing my old lid, why not just put the new one on?

Since the job is kinda “special”, I asked the parts guy to recommend me a service advisor that might be able to help me out (since I know that if I just approach a random advisor, I’d probably get nowhere). He gave me a name, and also a print-out of the exploded parts list of the part I bought, so I can show the advisor.


Then I went downstairs. The advisor gave me a cocked-head look for a split second, but then nodded and said something to the effect of “I know what you want to do, but we’ve never done this before, so let me get together with the tech and we’ll give it a shot”.

So they did... and it is done!

The hood needed to be cut in order to clear the more squared-off lid. Probably the only reason why GM didn’t just put these lids on all CTS-V2s after the Camaro5 ZL1 debuted. That, and probably not wanting to tick off the early adopters?

Parts and labour list:

  • Camaro5 ZL1 supercharger lid, bought from dealer
  • LSA supercharger, warrantied by GM
  • Labour to remove the original supercharger lid + supercharger, warrantied by GM
  • Labour to install the ZL1 lid, partly “warrantied” by GM ;-)
  • The dealership charged me an extra hour of labour plus a few bucks for the extra hoses needed (for the CTS-V2, the coolant lines ran from the back, while for the Camaro5 ZL1 the lines came from the front as you can see in the pictures), which I gladly paid for

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